Carey Kimberly

Phone: 404-613-9071
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      Judge Kimberly Carey was appointed to the bench by Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk in January 2023 for a four year term. Judge Carey also has served as a Senior Public Defender for 12 years from September 2005 up until February 2018 when she then decided to work as a Director, Litigation Support. As a Senior Public Defender, she represented clients in court at various stages of cases, including arraignments, preliminary and pretrial hearings, probation and sentencing, post-adjudication/post-conviction hearings, appeals or any related courtroom proceedings. She attended scheduled court appearances and negotiated at all stages of cases on behalf of the client -- preparing and arguing motions, conducting jury selection, making opening and closing statements, presenting evidence, questioning witnesses, as well as making appropriate objections and arguments. Carey received and reviewed various documentation, including, police reports, witness statements, laboratory reports, criminal histories, defense motions, and case law updates. She prepared and completed various forms, reports, correspondence, and other documentation, including a variety of motions, orders, letters, notices, petitions, legal briefs, trial summaries, and departmental reports. 

    She has secured mitigating evidence for sentencing or restitution, argued mitigating evidence, negotiated resolutions with assistant district attorneys, and advised clients regarding the acceptance or rejection of plea offers. Carey conducted research on relevant case laws and procedures, making interpretations according to the facts of the case. Carey communicated with prosecuting attorneys, judges, investigators, legal support staff, witnesses, experts, translators, client’s friends and family, probation officers, supervisor and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review the status of work, present or exchange information, provide legal counsel and interpret. 


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