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1. Can I evict the tenant or the tenant's property from my rental property?
2. Can I file a late answer?
3. How is the dispossessory warrant served on the tenant?
4. I have been served with a dispossessory warrant. What can I do?
5. If the tenant fails to file an answer within 7 days from service of a dispossessory warrant, what can I do?
6. My landlord failed to make repairs. Now what?
7. My landlord owes me money. How can I get it back?
8. The last day to file my answer falls on a weekend or a legal holiday and the Magistrate Court is closed. What can I do?
9. The tenant has filed an answer with the Magistrate Court. When will the hearing be held?
10. What are the requirements for a landlord filing a dispossessory warrant?
11. What do I bring to court?
12. Where do I file a dispossessory warrant in order to evict my tenants?
13. Will an appeal stop an eviction from going forward?
14. Will the Judgment appear on my credit report?