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Magistrate Court of Fulton County Filing Fees

The following is a list of current fees for the Magistrate Court of Fulton County. These fees are subject to change. Call the Cashier's Office at 404-613-5360 with questions about the fees. The Court does not accept personal checks. Money orders, cashier's checks, certified checks and business checks are accepted. Do not mail cash. Filing fees for Fulton County Magistrate Court increased on September 1, 2016 pursuant to O.C.G.A. 15-10-80 and O.C.G.A. 36-15-9. Basic filing fees will increased from $54.00 to $60.00. Other surcharges will apply for service fees and additional defendants. Go to the Fulton Magistrate Court website for more details at or visit the Court's e-file website directly at


Application for Criminal Arrest Warrant
Includes warrants for Child Abandonment, Criminal Arrest, Felony Bad Check
Civil Actions
Lawsuits            $60.00
Marshal Service Fee (Per Defendant)            $25.00
Each additional defendant            $8.00
Garnishments with one Defendant with no Service            $60.00
Marshal Service Fee (1st Service)            $13.00
Garnishee, after 2 attempts            $25.00
Marshal Service Fee (Each Additional Service)            $6.00
Each Additional Party            $8.00
Additional Garnishees (After Orig. Filing)            $25.00
Proceeding Against Tenant Holding Over (Dispossessory Action)            $60.00
Marshal Service Fee            $25.00
Each Additional Defendant after first            $8.00
Distress Warrants            $60.00
Marshall Service Fee            $25.00
Each Additional Defendant            $8.00
Foreclosure of Abandoned Motor Vehicles            $10.00
Writ of Fieri Facias
Recording Fi-Fa. on GED, payable to Superior Court            $5.50
The Fulton County Marshall website, provides service of the following:
Mechanic's Liens (per defendant)            $25.00
Subpoenas            $10.00
Orders            $10.00
Interrogatories            $10.00
Civil Arrest Orders            $5.00
Backing Fee            $5.00
Levy Fee            $15.00
Nulla Bona            $10.00
Recording Fee            $5.50
Settling Fee            $10.00
Bill of Sale            $10.00