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Treatment Diversion Court

The Fulton County State and Magistrate Court Treatment Diversion Program is provided as part of a collaborative program with the Fulton County Department of MHDDAD. This program is designed to divert individuals with a mental illness (and often co-occurring substance abuse disorders) in contact with the justice system from jail and to either connect or reconnect those individuals to community-based treatment and support services.

The three components of the Treatment Diversion Court include a Discharge Planning Unit, a specialized Mental Health Court and Post-Diversion Services. Each defendant agrees to participate in an individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan is developed by the court's social worker and approved by the judge. If a defendant completes the conditions of his or her bond set by TDC, the charges are dismissed.

The Goals of TDC:

  1. To protect public safety
  2. To reduce the use of jail and repeated interaction with the criminal justice system for mentally ill persons (and often co-occurring substance use disorders)
  3. To connect or reconnect mentally ill persons with needed mental health services
  4. Improve the likelihood of ongoing success with treatment, access to housing or shelter and linkages with other critical supports for the mentally ill

TDC Team Members: Magistrate Judge, Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities, Fulton County Solicitor General's Office, Fulton County State and Magistrate Public Defenders' Office, Fulton County Sheriff Department (Jail Medical, Mental Health, Housing, Transportation), and Court staff.

TDC is held every Wednesday at 12:30 pm. Questions regarding the TDC Calendar may be addressed to the Magistrate Court Warrant Office at 404 613-4752.